14 January 2011

thankful thursday (er friday) top 10

this week i am thankful for...
thankful for this dinosaur that jack put in the dishwasher. on his own. too cute!

1. my man who went out at 3:30 in the AM to get me some fanta and 7up. what. a. man.

2. that the flu is over.

3. SO very thankful Jack didn't get the flu.

4. for my mom who helped me tremendously with cleaning our condo. she is incredible. 

5. thankful for my sister who watched jack the morning we cleaned (and then got the stomach bug that night.)

6. the changing weather and the still visible snow.

7. the book "walk across the room" and all that Jesus is beginning to teach me through it. 

8. music together on friday mornings.

9. watching despicable me with john and jack. such a cute movie.

10. the grace God has given us as He takes us through difficult situations. He's wasting no time teaching me, graciously, all about how to adjust.

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My Captivating Images said...

I have been in overdrive this week and totally forgot my thankfuls! Maybe I will be able to find time to do them tomorrow.

Jen said...

mommy, I can help you with the dishes!

Candra Georgi said...


sorry y'all got it

going to go look up that book

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