13 January 2011

the visit from the flu

These last few days have been a little rough.

It was the first stomach flu I've gotten since having Jackboy. I knew it would be rough, but man, I wasn't expecting that. Praise Jesus Jack isn't nursing! I don't know how a mama could nurse AND throw up--perhaps one right after the other! That would be a doozy.

So, we've made it through. There's a light at the end of the tunnel and it's gone through both John and I and we are praying Jack steers clear. It's nothin' to mess with.

Monday, my mom and I spent the day cleaning John and I's condo down south. We were getting new renters in there and needed to turn it around...quickly. We deep cleaned like nobodies business and the place looks fabulous. It was one of the hardest yet most rewarding days ever. My mom is incredible at getting a job done. I hope I inherited half of that zeal.

I did, in the midst of feeling pukey and napping off and on, finish season 3 of The Office. I think it's my favorite season so far. It's kind of hard to laugh when you feel nauseous (am I right?) but somehow, Michael/and or Dwight got me to chuckle almost every episode. Well done. Truthfully? I don't care for Ryan the Temp. Why is he on the show so much anyway?

And so glad the flu is done with too.

p.s. I feel like like my prayer to learn how to adjust this year is already being challenged. Oh, boy.

Sweet Shot Day


Les is more said...

oh man, mel. So sorry you had the stomach bug. Brutal.
My mama's family had it too. I'm also hearing rumors of it striking around the valley. yuck!
i've been praying praying praying that I do not get it, 'cause yeah nursing and puking.... i wonder

love and life ♥ said...

What a little cutie! I hope you're feeling better! xo

Nessa said...

yuck! I hope you get well soon.

I was not a fan of Ryan either... he kinda of grew on me in "I hate him like an annoying little brother" later.

Nessa said...

Thanks or stopping by - I wear a ring sling (Zolo).

leigh said...

I always get so offended when I get the flu. It's just wrong that a mom has to ever get sick. Glad that you are feeling better.

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