14 January 2011

five minute friday: music together

I've been putting this off for most of the day, but it's time I jump in. 
I'm listening to this song as I write (for music holds much of the inspiration.)

Timer set, and...we're off.

5 min.

Today is new. The flu has come and gone and we are on a new tread of beauty.

This morning Jack and I went to Music Together and I watched as he clung to my legs as we walked in. He's not normally like this. Jack is the runaway that can often be found down hallways or scurrying between people's legs; he's not typically shy. Today, however, today, he was. And ya know what? I milked it for all it was worth. It was blissful. 

I sat across from nannies, middle aged mama's, breast feeding free spirits and a dad. It was great. I soaked in the sun near the window and let Jack sit on my lap. He was tired and due for his nap, but his jaw hung open like a sleeping old man and he starred at the teacher. She bounced, danced, sang, plucked away at her guitar and Jack just sat. Mind you, he's been going to this class since last January, but it was as if it was his first time. It was beautiful. He was in awe. He eventually meandered out from my lap to explore the room and all the possible friends. He went to each little one and then looked at their mama's and gave them that irresistable smile. The mama's? Seriously, kid? 

When Val brought out the scarves, oh my goodness, Jack nearly lost it. Just last night he found great joy in chasing the sheets (the very ones I was attempting to fold. p.s. I hate folding sheets.) Letting him dance in them seemed more appropriate. Dancing with the scarves was second best and I just watched him stumble around the scarves and their mama's. He was on one blissful boat. Glad I could be there to soak it all in. 

and the timer went off.

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