19 January 2011

wordless (not so much) wednesday

Family dynamics will always fascinate me.
(Perhaps that why I love movies like the Family Stone and tv shows like Parenthood. Craig T. Nelson, anyone? Does he remind me of my own dad? Why, yes. I guess he kind of does.)

I love seeing the way they interact, the designated (yet not discussed) roles that each one has.
I love the way they love unconditionally, even with the quirks and weirdness.
I love to see them argue. Things they've argued about since they were kids.
I love to see the love.
I also love to see the charastics that they share, or that their children share.

I find this picture quite hilarious.
It's John with Jack and a few years younger John with our nephew, Nolan (who at the time was about Jack's age.)
It's pretty funny how much they look alike.
I guess you could say they are related.

1 comment:

Nessa said...

wow! thy look so much alike.

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