20 January 2011

you capture - circles

those eyes. (i'm refraining myself from bustin' out into bruno mars here. don't judge me.)
could they get any more circular than that?

be still, my heart. He's growing so fast. 

thankful thursday top 10.

1. the new office episode that's on tonight! (which we will watch tomorrow.)

2. Bible study yesterday morning. The many strangers in the room (it was my second week) praising Jesus together.

3. Jack sleeping in until 8am both yesterday and today.

4. the new years inspirations and goals. so thankful my man is jumpin on board 'cause this boat is sailing fast!

5. new friendships that brighten my life. sisters walking on a similar path and aiding the way.

6. play dates. and one a day. i love them.

7. the new video camera that we got for Christmas. it allows me to capture moments like this one. (movie to come...)

8. a phone call from my dad just asking how things are going.

9. watching on my favorite ladies/mentors getting baptized on Sunday.

10. my man who puts up with me. and that's a whole lot.

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No. 17 Cherry Tree Lane said...

SO glad you found my blog! because I found yours! YEAH!

Nessa said...

love that list and meeting new people to share with is certainly something to be thankful for.

Amy said...

He is gorgeous! Nice shot

Candra Georgi said...

dude i totally forgot about The Office, dang it!

love your capture!

thanks for participating!

Christine said...

beautiful baby blues, so priceless!!!

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