11 January 2011

a scavenger hunt

1. Me. On top of the mountain I was stuck on. Watching my incredible husband save my life.

 2. Resolution. Adjust. To learn to adjust when situations aren't ideal. To learn to let go when things don't live up to my expectations or when they don't go my way. Adjust to change.

3. Treasured. A sunny, afternoon walk with these two. Oh, my heart.

4. innocence. Truly, what is more innocent than reading books on a rocking chair with sun pouring in the window? Yeah, I could use me a couple days of this. Or rather, just watching Jack do this.

5. Our meadow in Prescott. In all it's beauty. Still open land full of javelinas, deer and coyotes.


Nicolasa said...

What a great resolution to have! Love the photo of Jack in the rocking chair!

Ashley Sisk said...

These are all really great - I love your perspective!

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