30 January 2011

dog days

"Take it slowly. This book is dangerous!"
-Fox in Socks by Dr. Seuss

Yesterday started early.
...like 6:30am early.
Which was okay because I let John sleep in ('let' seems like an unfair word. He hardly ever sleeps in. He enjoyed a sleep in, I should say.) I gently awoke John around 8:30 to remind him that it was 50% off day at Goodwill and I was looking forward to headin' onward to find some deals.
And deals I did find.

A stop at the Donut Factory may or may not have been included. Ok, it was.

Were the Goodwill deals something I couldn't live without?
No, not really.

But were they great because they were 50% off?
Why yes, they were! 

About four thrift stores later I returned home to find Jackboy sick as a dog. John had called at thrift store #2 and said Jack felt a little warm and had fallen asleep. I wasn't too concerned, but when I felt Jack's feverish forehead and saw his glassy eyes I knew. The poor kiddo was sick. We took his temp and it was 102.5. A first for him. Honest truth: a part of me was kind of excited to get to pamper our little boy and pretend to be a nurse (not an original aspiration of mine, fyi) and maybe even bust out some dr. quinn moves. However, after the ibuprofen had kicked in he was back to running around (yet stopping for more breaks than normal.)

So, today Jack was smothered with snuggles, nose wipes, binkies and applesauce. I loved seeing John take care of Jack. He's so gentle and sensitive to how his boy is feeling. It's absolutely precious. Every so often John will remind me how Jack might be feeling, for example, he said, "I know that when I have a fever I get the chills. I bet he has the chills." I kind of giggled, but sure enough, later Jack was full of chills and snuggling up so tight he couldn't get enough. Father and son. That's all.

Friday night my parents came up for a visit and it was delightful. We went out for dinner and then walked around our tiny mall (it's seriously ridiculously tiny) so mom could return some shoes and we could get some coffee. I put Jack's pj's on after dinner so he could fall asleep on the way home (I didn't realize we were going the mall) and within minutes of entering the mall, Jack is out of the stroller and runnin' around like a wild javalina. I quickly realized I am one of those mamas who lets their kid dance in circles in his pj's in the mall. on a friday night. What has become of us?

After dinner with my parents and the trip the mall, John and I cozied up on the couch and watched Julie and Julia. Gets me every single time. I love everything about that movie. The food, the love and the laughter. Mostly, I love Meryl Streep. She truly is amazing.

This morning Jack still has a fever. He slept well last night though and only woke up once. I know this too shall pass. I'm trying to enjoy the extra snuggle time. To play it safe, we're staying home from church. Our first time since he was a newborn.

Will we see this Jack tomorrow? Please come back and play.

Ni Hao Yall


Jen said...

hey, cute shots. I am on instagram too. as piecesofme jen

Rebecca said...

Very sweet!

BeckeyZ said...

Awwwww, I hate it when my babies don't feel up to par. But yeah, extra hugs and cuddles are awesome. Less awesome if they are throwing up, but still.

Stefanie said...

What a sweet little guy your Jack is, even when he's sick!
Hope he's feeling better soon, though :)
P.S. I hope you scored some great stuff on your Goodwill visit!

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