27 January 2011

process of chatter

This week has been busy. A good busy. The kind that makes time fly, but not too fast. The kind that creates great napping material for your 15 month old and allows you time to attack the pile of tasks you wrote last week. The kind of busy that gets you talking and talking and talking when your patient husband gets home from work. The other night during dinner we had so much to share we had to take turns. He would tell a good story, then ask about my day, then the process would repeat. I was totally listening to him, but also preparing my next story for when he was done. Just kidding. Kind of. 

  i love jack's face. he was already protesting another picture.
I've been thinking a lot about what being happy is. What brings happiness. What helps us let things go. How we let go. And how great it feels to do so. For me, it's waking up a little early so I can have some alone time with Jesus. It's resting in His peace and sharing with Him the depths of my heart. It's a good cup of coffee with friends on the couch while the kiddos run in circles. It's a good episode of the Office. It's a song I can't get out of my head and turn up really loud just to watch Jack dance. 

Top Ten things I'm thankful for this week are:

1. jack sleeping in which results in me being the only one awake in the house for a little while and spend time with Jesus.
2. a treasured email from my brother.
3. friendships. laughter. soup and happy kiddos.
4. the Body at church and the way God uses them to support. to love. to be on the journey with us. to be gracious.
5. John's heart for the Body. the way he works so hard and pours his life into it. the example that he is of losing his life to find it Christ.
6. john changing out my faucet again. thanks, babe. it's perfect.

7. homemade popcorn (thanks to my mom for the popper) orange chocolate and a night with friends.
8. my mom helping me. again and again. thanks to her our garage is reorganized, our furniture is rearranged and jack has a play room.
9. my dear friend Kate going to India for a short trip. her journey always amazes me.
10. God's perfect and unbeatable timing. That His ways are not mine and I am so thankful.

other things to be thankful for over at curious georgi...



Jen said...

What great happy shots!

mattie said...

this HAS been a busy week! thanks so much for sharing your home with the masses. i've been taking advantage of the awesome naptimes, too... but mostly by taking some little mini snoozes myself!

Chrissi said...

so many wonderful things to be thankful for :)

Alita said...

What wonderful & happy captures chica!

Candra Georgi said...

a. i love jesus and all He does and all his followers

b. your new banner of snow little boy pictures are adorable!!!

c. i couldn't do it without my mom either

d. i heart homemade popcorn especially that of the sugary nature

Bridget said...

Oh, I'm so thankful when my kids sleep in, that's when I can get my time with Jesus. Who doesn't like popcorn, my daughter eats popcorn almost everyday!

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