24 January 2011

happiness hits

Today is a new kind of Monday.

A fresh week.

A fresh start. Full of hope.

A new (second time around. thank you, love.) faucet my incredible man is installing this very.minute. a couple of Modern Family episodes later, and here we are.

Last night John and I watched Invictus. Scratch that, John watched Invictus and I fell asleep around 10:30 and had a dream about Matt Damon. Wait, what? I really want to finish that movie.

this week's hunt.
no instragram this week. i save that for the 365 bit, for now.

1. memories. this apron was my mom's from when she got married. she gave it to me when i was little and i used it to "cook" in, pretend in and add to any outfit to become dr. quinn, medicine woman. i wear it as a mom of my own now. every time i do, i kind of feel like i'm still pretending.

2. silhouette. in Arizona, spring comes early. what a delight. seeing this little man already longing for the outdoors.

3. doorway. i stole this shot from the couch while Jack and his little pal, Ollie played. So precious. I love the harmonica in her mouth and the way the sun is hitting them both.

4. reflection. after I put Jack down his nap I found these toys decorating the window sill just like this. He is such a boy. vintage Robin Hood/Kevin Costner, whatever are you doing with your legs?

5. silver. jack in the bath tub at my parent's. such curious little eyes.


Friendships are precious. i'm so thankful, especially lately, for good girl friends and the way that a simple conversation can lighten the whole mood of the day. i do enjoy time of solitude, but i really enjoy havin' some good fun.

I think Jack inherited a bit of that. 

The Paper Mama


Marjorie (Molly) Smith said...

Wonderful shots and interpitations of the words...

Ashley Sisk said...

Wonderful work this week - I especially love your doorway shot and silver. Great job!

Nessa said...

love these - and who couldn't be happy looking at these pictures!

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