18 January 2011

a change of pace

I think I have a love/hate relationships with Mondays. Unlike most peeps, Mondays are our Sunday and John is home. All day. I love it when he's home, I truly do, but sometimes I get a little...agitated? Am I alone in this? I love having him here, to eat lunch with, sit with, talk with, be with, go out and do things with, but sometimes it gets a little crowded. I guess I'm just used to my routine. And so is he. Sometimes we clash a 'lil. Not a lot. Sometimes it's just better to do separate things for a little while.

Monday morning began with a trip to the donut shop. A local place just opened and we are trying to support them the best we can. It has little to do with the fact that we love a good donut and there is no Dunkin's in Prescott. Oh, wait

I have great memories of my dad getting a dozen donuts for us from Jolly Pirates on Saturday mornings. Sometimes we were allowed to go with him and pick out our favorite. I can still see the box on our kitchen counter and how quickly they were gone. 

that's me with my brothers and dad. Not getting donuts, but spending a day at the farm.

After the donuts were finished and Jack had eaten his oatmeal (because, that's right, we were not so nice parents and didn't get a donut for Jack. He didn't even reach for one or anything! He loves his routine too, apparently, and was perfectly happy with his oatmeal.) Jack I went to the zoo with my dear friend Mattie and Cougan. John was amazing and put a new faucet in (one that may or may not be the right fit) and enjoyed some alone time. My man digs some alone time (who doesn't?)

Cougan and Jack. Looking so grown up.

probably Jack's favorite part.

Sweet Shot DayPhotobucket


this last week i fell in love with/became a little obsessed with instagram app on the 'ol iphone. It is so much fun. If you are on there, let me know. My username is melled. almost all of these pictures are taken using instagram.

1. a different view

taken on the way home from church. Jack barely made it out of the parking lot. I carried him inside and tried to balance a sleeping toddler and the phone. Love that kiddo.

2. looking up.

taken at the zoo.

3. abstract. here's for some serious honesty: i do not know how/care to take abstract photos. i looked at all sorts of abstract examples and this is the best i could come up.

driving home from bible study. baby at home with dad. the Beatles blasting on the radio. the Land Crusier is on empty.

4. Hair. this is Jack, almost every morning when he eats his oatmeal. Today I left him alone with it for a little bit too long.

5. Half. In the Old Navy dressing room enjoying the 50% off 50% off sale. It.was.awesome.

This contest is both challenging and fun. I'm diggin' it.


love and life ♥ said...

Great photos! Love the one at the donut shop! xx

Ashley Sisk said...

Your opening paragraph...I completely understand. Your scavenger hunt - loved it.

leigh said...

I think that you are so awesome. I really love this post. It's just so sweet to create memories with your children that you had as a child.

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