14 October 2010

Vulnerable yet dance party fun!

Yesterday my sister Maggie came up for the day. She's 18, in love with a boy, hilarious and a full of sass when she wants to be. Sisters are a strange phenomenon. It's kind of like looking in a mirror sometimes. You have similar mannerisms, quirks, laughs, personalities and yet you are two very different people. It's kind of like someone being in your head on occasion. Something that, let's face it, a husband just can't be. 

Maggie and I love to dance. I mean love. When we went to the Hanson concert a while back we danced like crazy. I kid you not, I had some serious body pain for the next few days. 

We don't take dancing seriously (we just took a few dance classes as kids, but neither of us were very coordinated as little ones.)
There's just something about dancing in a room, the music blasting, your heart pounding and sweat pouring down your face that brings such joy. It feels so liberating and whimsical.

We decided to make a music video for a Fun Friday Dance Party and it was just like reliving the concert (including my body hurting in the strangest ways later.) Now, mind you I felt incredibly out of shape, but after about 6 times of doing the dance it was like I had a second wind. It was great. So here it is. John couldn't believe that I would show a soul this video (oh, John), but I just can't help myself! I hope it makes you smile, or at least makes you want to get up and dance!

We couldn't stop laughing when we watched it and it's moments like those I love. Moments like those that I know when I'm 45 I will watch and just cry. Laugh and cry, probably. It's moments like those I hope my kids can share, and get side aches from laughing so hard.

I've Been Thinking About Something from mel dickerson on Vimeo.

Go ahead and check out the REAL "Thinkin About Something" video. We taught them all they know.

p.s. This was Jack's first dance party. I'm not sure if he digs it. Someday, my son. Someday.


Sharelle said...

not going to lie. every time i see you dance mel, it brings me right back to the sports hall lounge :)

the leap up onto that window ledge. classic. some of my greatest dance memories in that place.

you're a star. thanks for posting.

Roxanne Anderson said...

"It's kind of like someone being in your head on occassion."

People ask me what it's like to be a twin, but since I've always been one and don't have any other siblings, it's rather difficult to explain. Your explaination of sisterhood sums it up nicely. Except being a twin is like this ALL THE TIME. It's fabulous.

Candra Georgi said...

that was A-W-E-S-O-M-E, lol. now i must do this same thing!!!

Candra Georgi said...


shout out to you

Anonymous said...

haha, I love it! I couldn't watch the whole video because my laptop is slow and choppy, but it reminds me of the hours I spent rehearsing a dance with my sisters and sisters-in-law. Yes, two of them had us perform choreographed dances at their wedding receptions. It was hilarious and oh-so-fun.

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