16 September 2010

When I was 12 years old I was convinced that if Holly and I met the teeny bopper band Hanson we would be instant best friends with them. We would laugh at the same jokes, like the same kind of music and enjoy the same kind of foods (what else is there at 12?) And whatever happens in the future happens, right? Falling in love at the age of 12 HAS happened before, right?

Not with world famous teenyboppers.

When I think of those forming pre-teen years the first thing that comes to my mind is Hanson. I think about their music, their long hair (and all the teasing that I got because I liked them) and the fact that we were all the same age. For me, it was more than a crush. They were like (somehow) brothers, friends and people getting to live a dream I often pretended in front of my bathroom mirror. Holly (my childhood best friend) and I were a little….extreme. And we loved every second of it.

This last Tuesday my sister and I went to our first concert together (not my first Hanson concert, but her’s.) It was so hilariously fun. Somehow, I felt twelve again. We danced, sang, swooned just for the fun of it and screamed at the top of our lungs. It helps keep me young. The 18 year old girl next to me was shocked when she found out I was 25.

“ You are 25?!” She shrieked. “You don’t LOOK 25!” 

I said thank you and sulked a little deeper in my chair. I felt too old for this. By the way, the 18 year old sweet hear t who sat next to me didn’t really know who Hanson was and preferred the opening band.

“You are going to go crazy when they come on stage, aren’t you?” She asked at one point.

“Better believe it, girl!”

The concert was incredible. Besides the fact that the guys couldn’t get over my screaming sister who kept insisting on saying “I LOVE YOU!” every time there was a moment of silence, it was an overall grand time.

Afterwards we waited outside to meet them. (Hey, I didn’t come all that way for nothing!) While we were waiting we talked with other long-time fans who all had babies at home (or were pregnant) and how long we’ve been lovin’ this band. It was amusing to say the least.

And we DID meet one of them (Taylor) and we DID drive home singing to Middle of Nowhere at 12:30am. Annnd…reality was waiting for me once I got there in the form of a 10 month old who had woken up to eat. It was like a time machine, that concert. It really was. Thanks for the adventure.
That has serious GLEE written all over it. So cheesy, but so fun.


Sharelle said...

that picture of you and taylor is so, so great.

i'm not going to lie - the album mmmbop was one my most played too :)

Les is more said...

i comppletely support you :) rock on.

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