20 September 2010

Mellow Yellow Monday

John and I are nearing the end of the last Harry Potter book. We have listened to it on audio book (well, not really. I read along while he listens. I just can't miss a word.) And. It. Is. Intense. 

We've read the series together and held off reading this book for a long time, simply because that would mean the journey has come to end. That's never very easy for me to accept. John told me the other day, "I think you enjoy the journey so much just so you can look back and live in it for a while longer." I smiled. That is so true. I love me some good nostalgia.

However, like most good things (vacations, sleeping, showers and books...that's pretty much my list these days.)  all good things must come to an end. Therefore, it is time for Harry to come to his end. And we've pressed pause with about 20 pages left. I just want to draw it out a litttttle bit longer. Come on, people, it's a good book!

That all to say, while we were listening I saw Jack playing with his toys and the yellow bucket and I snapped a quick picture. The bucket radiates the sunshine. It's the simple things.



Roxanne said...

love your blog cectpa! I don't always comment, but I always enjoy it. :o)

Ewa said...

the simple things make great photos!

Anonymous said...

HP rocks. Can't wait until my girl is old enough to read it to her. :)c

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