16 September 2010

You Capture - Your Choice!

These are just little gems in the midst of a quickly passing life. Slow down, life. Please slow down for a little bit. Jack is almost one!
Just too funny to pass up.
A surfer heading down to the setting sun
La Jolla. Some serious beauty. Seals splashing on those rocks...it was incredible.
Jackboy snuggling up. His first time on the beach!
With his dad. Watching the waves crash and clinging tightly to comfort.
A Father and his son
My favorite part. Killer whales close enough to touch (but thankfully not.) I have such a weird fascination/fear of those beasts. They are incredible creatures.


Bec said...

That first shot is absolutely priceless!

Carrie said...

Love that first shot! But the coastline is really beautiful as well.

Shelly said...

Love the first one, and the one of him in the ABC. What great captures!

abi said...

Beautiful. Just beautiful. I love the shots of you and baby on the beach and the killer whale.

Renegades said...

I love the beach!

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