04 September 2010

Heading West...

Our honeymoon, June 2007
Well, we're going for it.

We're embarking on an adventure with our little guy and praying he takes long naps and has happy baby-babble during the 6 hour car drive to San Diego.

We haven't been to San Diego since our honeymoon over 3 years ago. It's strange/fun to look at the pictures above and try to remember who that guy and girl were. There are so many things I wish I could tell the Mel-then. It was a blissful time, but I am so glad I'm here now. Such precious, beautiful memories.
If you think of it, pray for us. I'm hopeful it will go well, but there is the memorable hour long death-scream that Jack decided to do about a month ago. We were only driving about an hour and a half total. He's stubborn, our boy, but so, so precious. 

Tonight we had dear friends over for left overs and drumstick ice cream. We sat on the couch playing Farkle (a way too fun dice game) and trying to wear Jack out. He wouldn't even entertain the idea of sleeping. He crawled marathons around our visitors and went from one to the other with a gleeful smile on his face. His new favorite thing is to fake laugh whenever he hears someone laugh. He laughs loudly, making sure you hear him and smile back at him. I don't know where he gets it...oh wait.

So, we're off! Off to relax, rest on the beach, read books (we're both taking about 5 different books we'd like to read. We're a little optimistic.) see orca whales, eat good food and just rest. Spend time with Jesus. Reflect on this year and next and pray for His future and leading.

I leave with this. I didn't catch the Emmy's this year, but I did see this. It is hilarious.

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Roxanne said...

Have a great time. Be prepared to make extra stops if/when Jack gets fussy. I took a trip to San Diego with Liz and Taelyn and that 6 hour trip easily streched into 8, but we all survived. :o)

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