29 September 2010

Putting Things Together

 First of all, my man wrote an Article in the Arizona Republic yesterday! 
I'm so proud of him!


I've been fascinated in watching Jack see how things fit together. There's an endless world of possibilities! Cups, bowls, bottles, pacifiers, food, things in a basket, etc, etc. I'm not one to constantly be in "teacher-mode" with Jack. I love simply watching him discover and adventure on his own. (I do try to put my teacher hat on every so often...but, I'm not a teacher to begin with. ;) More of an imagine-er.

How do they grow so fast? How does time just leak out of our hands as each day they change and grow and learn something new? Will all of life be like this?

. . . 
Just a few stops I really loved in life...

My Grandpa and Grandma

My childhood best friend, Holly aka fellow Hanson lover

Riding my brother's bike + cabbage patch

My little sister Maggie and I

In Colorado on vacation with my brothers Andy and Justin

I told you earlier about how nostalgic I am. The crazy thing is I truly love each transit in life. (Ok, that's not true. The middle school stop was not my favorite.) But nearly every adventure was great. I did, however, always tend to look to this future. To the future that included marriage, a journey with my husband and lover and children along for the ride. Now that it's here I can feel time slipping through my fingers and sometimes I wish I could chase after it (like in this incredible movie) but then I remember all that there is ahead of us. I'm excited to see how it all fits together, too. 

I'm thankful that this journey isn't our Home and it isn't the ultimate destination. However great it is while we are here, it's meant to be a passing thing. I am so thankful for the destination that lies ahead. Today, I'm mediating today Philippians 3
This isn't the last stop. There is more than this.

My 6 months in Ukraine with a young family

Yanya and I trying to keep warm in a Ukraine
Dear friend Kate before I left for Ukraine

Our engagement
My dear friend Teri and I

The CP'S from Capernwray

That little window in the top middle was my bedroom window for 3 months

High School friends
80's Dance Party long ago

note: all of these pictures are pre-marriage. I don't think  a post can contain the stops I've LOVED since marrying John and starting life with him.
. . .

Oh, we are currently loving at our home B&Body Works Leaves candle. Fall is here!  

Happy Autumn!

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