25 September 2010

You Capture - Flowers

Flowers don't really sing to me. When I'm walking, I don't typically stop to smell them or pick them. I'm not sure why this is, it just is. I totally get it that some people just love them, but they just don't...do much for me.

However, what DOES sing for me is when I buy a small bouquet of $4.99 flowers from the grocery store and put them on our kitchen table. Every time (ok, most times) I walk in the door I see these beautiful little stems of the outdoors and I try to take it in. 

Again, we live in Arizona so there isn't a TON of growing beautiful flowers out here. Oh, unless you mean the yellow flowers weeds that live all across our yard. Hey, they're better than rocks. ;)

Oh, and you know what else I love? When my man surprises me with some. ....yeah, that doesn't happen too much. That's okay, I don't really dig them much anyway.

1 comment:

Candra Georgi said...

the uniqueness of flowers never ceases to amaze me, how awesome!

I took some of sunflowers [dying] in Ohio because it's hard to find any more flowers around right now!


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