17 September 2010


On our recent vacation I went a little nuts-o with packing. It was our first road trip with Jack and I wanted to make sure we had everything. So, I downloaded this incredible packing list and spent a day getting everything together. Boy, did I feel prepared. After stuffing our Maxima full of the "essentials" I quickly realized one thing we were missing. (John was quite surprised by this, as he was sure NOTHING else would fit into the car.) 

I knew we would be eating out a lot and public tables aren't the most sanitary of things so I needed some sort of thing for Jack to eat on. (I've found being a young mom there's always one more thing to need...aka want.) But some sort of reusable mat would be great to have.

I was wishing I had THIS when, would you believe it, I found one at a used kid's store in San Diego. 2.95 was that little gem! THREE DOLLARS, PEOPLE! John was happy, I was happy, and Jack thought the little rubber gutter was the best chew toy around.

I totally recommend it. We used it every day (and then at my parent's house for a couple of days.) 

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