01 September 2010

September 1st.
I can't believe it's already September. There's nothing super about September (if you disclude my dad and sister's birthdays and the arrival of my brother's first son.) I guess there's nothing I really love about September in itself. It's what comes after September that I love...Autumn colors and weather (in Arizona) Thanksgiving...Christmas. My favorite.

Last September this was my view, always.

This new September day I am so, so very thankful that this is my view. That my man is still the one I get to wake up next to and that I no longer wonder in anticipation what the little being inside of me will look like and who he will be, but I actually get to be with him. With both of them. And share this journey with Jesus leading. Of course there are many other changes that have taken place (such as moving twice in one year. 8 months pregnant + moving = no good.) These pictures stand out to me mostly because the change of life...of routines and our reality. It was totally turned upside down by the arrival of the little one. It's strange to think in just one year so much can change.

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