07 October 2010

You Capture - Faces

I love me some good faces. Chubby faces. Tiny faces. Scruffy faces. Handsome faces. Mornin-breath faces. The faces of family. And laughter. And teething at 4am cry-faces too. There are so many faces I wish I could capture, but don't always have my camera on hand. 

It's really incredible to me to think that there's traits of John and I in Jackboy. That he inherited some of our facial features and expressions. (poor boy.) I love looking at pictures of my mom and grandma and seeing traces of my sister or I. It's so amazing how God orchestrated it all.

There's that favorite face of mine!

Jack and Ollie . . future love

Teething face!
Now I need to go and kiss that sweet face! P.S. Jack is almost walking! He had a little friend over last night and she's a walkin' machine and he kept trying over and over to keep up with her. He didn't get frustrated though and he didn't give up. Determination. Oh, boy.

Head over to Beth's blog for more You Capture faces!


Ashley Sisk said...

These are such sweet faces and I love your commentary.

Amber said...

how cute, look at that hair!

Rebekah said...

These. are. AWESOME!!!

Krista said...

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