21 October 2010

You Capture - Orange

Although it feels like gray is the dominant color surrounding us, there is plenty of orange to go around this autumn month.
 Jack is getting ready to go trick or treating next week (maybe.) He looks so cute with his .99 bucket. Well, I'm not sure what's cuter. His little strut, or the fact that he's carrying a pumpkin bucket.

and let's not forget his little smoochin' with his pal Ellie. Last night was a girl's night (with John at an elder's meeting.) It was so refreshing and freeing to just be. These two kept us laughing most of the night.

Have I mentioned I am still really missing my Canon Rebel? Boy, do I sound like a true American. My cell phone (and editing apps) do the trick, but I still miss the 'ol Rebel.

The fall is here. It's down to the 40's at night. Pumpkin carvings are coming next week. Pumpkin patch this weekend. This is my favorite time of year. 

Check out other orange colors captured at Beth's place!


Ashley Sisk said...

That first photo looks like something taken in another time.

Candra Georgi said...

love your last few posts. love that picture of the road ahead of you...wow. did you know I use to work for Passion & Sixstep records [david crowders record label], okay so I was just an intern, but still, that's my claim to "fame" ha ha

I loved what you said.

Okay, Parenthood, my favorite scene ever so far was last weeks when they went dancing, well not when they went dancing, but at the table when he agreed to go dancing with her "I'd love to go dancing with you" oh my gosh, i felt so romanticized, ha ha

Do you think the writing is getting worse or better? I think it's the same. I just hate that that one mom keeps going from boyfriend to boyfriend, enough already!


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