18 October 2010

Miscellany Monday

This is Jack's grouch face post-waking up. Seriously, we took a succession of pictures and each one he made this face. He is his father's son. I've SEEN that face before!
Ok, not exactly. But they look so similar! One of my favorite pictures, BY FAR.
1. Week one without my camera has been harder than I thought it would be. I didn't think I was so co-dependent on the camera, but I guess I am. It feels kind of like forgetting my sunglasses or forgetting to put deodorant on. Seems small, but I take things like that for granted. Step in old, faithful Sony. He does the trick and even recorded our music video last week. It's just not the same. I think I will have to make a way to reunite with my camera soon. Perhaps Wednesday.

2. We had friends up over the weekend. It was just delightful. They took family pictures of us to celebrate Jack's 1 year. One year. Wow. Has it really already been one year? We enjoyd antique shop browsing, off roading in the 4 runner and bill's pizza for dinner. Such great, meaningful, real conversation and plenty of laughter to go with it.

3. He's walking! He falls again and again, but is determined to get back up and try again. He is an inspiration and I find myself praying for his little heart often. I pray he has the same kind of dedication to God, that He knows Christ and lives for Him.

Jack LOVES cars. He just started making truck noises. Cutest thing in the world.

I don't typically allow Jack to play with medicine cups, but 1. He doesn't know it's real purpose yet and 2. He's teething. Anything goes, pretty much. I try to defer him from toilet paper, however.

4. Today it rained. It started as we were leaving church and continued until...now. There was an intense thunderstorm and we laid around most of the afternoon in our coziest clothes, watching random shows, ate home made pizza and ticked Jack. Thank you, Abba, for this day.

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Kristina said...

I love you Mel!
I loved watching Jack walk and tumble around, and I loved hearing your giggle!
Ah, miss you pal.
You're a great mom.


Little Miss Emmy Lou said...

new follower from miscellany monday :)

cute picture of baby reading books! love it!

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