28 October 2010

Thankful Thursday Top 10

Top 10 things I thank Jesus for this week...

1. That last night is over and my little 1 year old, tooth poppin', fever breaking boy is awake and we aren't struggling through sleep anymore.

2. So thankful for friendships, especially with those who have already walked the road I'm walking. Yesterday I saw a dear friend who is a mentor to me and in the rush of trying to figure out what was wrong with Jack and get ready for his birthday party, I asked her if she ever missed this stage of life. She has four grown kids and lives in an incredible home, has a massive garden that she loves and a great job. She looked at me, her eyes filled up with tears and barely mustered out "I miss it so, so much. This stage of life is really hard." To which my eyes started leaking water and we both laughed to cover it up. 

3. Jack's party at my parents. He has an absolute blast and it was pretty entertaining.

4. The drive down to Phoenix with my man. We always have such great conversations and for me it's the joy of uninterrupted conversation (definitely) and some serious quality time.

5. The news that a dear friend of mine is expecting! Such wonderful news!!

6. ...Thankful we got the Landcrusier back from the peeps who were working on it. We are LOVIN' it!

7. Going to a pumpkin patch with friends and that it was actually COLD and windy and just like how a pumpkin patch is supposed to be. Besides the fact that Jack wouldn't sit still on the hayride,  it was so.much.fun.

8. Seeing old friends from Scottsdale and enjoying a cup of coffee and trader joe's raspberry tart (not to mention seeing their oh-so-cute kiddos)

9. A really cute (clearance) tablecloth from Target!

10. A text from my man that reads, "I understand. But this I know. It WILL work out."

Amen and Amen.

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1 comment:

Candra Georgi said...

i love thankfuls!!! it's so neat to see what everyone is thankful for. yay God!

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