24 August 2010

My man appreciates cars...(check out his incredible review here) I mean, he really, really LOVES them. Not just cars (fyi: one thing I quickly learned when we got married. You do not refer to an SUV or truck as a car. Who knew? jk.)

But "the other woman" in our lives (just kidding, again.) is his (not) brand new (but new to us) 1995 Toyota Land cruiser. John can be found at different times of the day disappearing into the garage just to "look at something" or "check something" or take my vinegar Windex and clean out the inside of the beast. I giggle every time. We gotta have our dreams, right? Well, John's dream came true this last weekend. We welcomed the Landcruiser (dirt, grime and all)beast into our lives. We are hoping for many, many adventures in this thing in the future. Apparently, you can buy a camper that goes on top of the Landcruiser. In case you run into bears, right? To which John replies, "That's it! We should take to the Yellowstone and camp out!" With a 9 month old?

No thanks. Ask me again in 10 years. jk. I'd follow John (and the Landcruisy) anywhere.

Yesterday we went to Phoenix on a whim for mom's birthday + an excuse for a quick road trip with some of our friends. They bought an suv and we got some Jamba Juice. Man, I miss Jamba juice up here in the mountains.

And why is it on the days that you really need to get things done (I mean it this time, hehe.) does my boy have a fussy day? Running nose and all. Poor bud.

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