17 August 2010

the sound of thunder

This is kind of what it looks like outside of my window. I didn't take the picture-
unfortunately--I can't quite capture the sky. It's beautiful.

There's what I got...

Jack has officially discovered toilet paper. I watched as he unraveled the paper, one sheet at a time. He talks to it, eats a little bit of it and is completely and entirely obsessed with it. If that's what it takes for me to be able to do my hair, makeup and make the bed all in one morning than so be it. I will buy him 10,000 rolls of toilet paper! (Not really, we have a septic tank. Sorry kid.)

Last night we went for a walk after dinner (something we try to do most nights.) It's getting darker earlier and the sky looked like cotton candy (purple and pink, my favorite.) Jack sat in the stroller and didn't make a peep the entire time. He loves being outside. He's a true Peter Pan at heart. Maybe he'll want to grow up more than his mom did/does. The best part? He kind of poops out when he gets home often looking like this.

I need to go enjoy the storm, my boy and lunch. Grilled cheese, anyone?

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