21 August 2010

Another reason I am loving summer? Seeing cousins who I don't see nearly enough.

Time with cousins is almost as magical as Christmas. Seriously. We share so much (loud) laughter, enjoy good food and have plenty of jokes and stories to share. Every visit is a treasure, but all of us know that time is merely a gift and it's running with or without us. I wish I could grab hold of some moments and look at them for a while. Maybe step into them (like in Mary Poppins) and enjoy them for an afternoon.

Here are a few I would jump into if I could...

Abbie and I perfecting our LOST pose. It was raining in the desert and we all went racing through it. This picture I wouldn't mind spending a few hours in...I'll be back in time to feed Jack dinner.

LOST Season post 1 pre-season 2

These are my dear cousins Kathryn and Mary (and my sister Maggie is in the picture below.) We grew up together. We played Little Women (or any other story we made up) all the time and spent afternoons racing around the house in dress up clothes and using dramatic accents. They were my childhood playmates and this weekend I was able to enjoy their kindred spirits once again. These memories I hold so dear.

I know...nice turtleneck, right?

My cousin Arica and I making a joke about something. Or, er, maybe I'm the joke.

I think this was an attempt at an "awkward picture." We took about 20 of these before the night was up. I'm pretty sure we took the pictures just so we could laugh obnoxiously loud during someones wedding shower. Things were so different then. We were just kids. Half of the life we've experienced now wasn't even fathomable then.

Sweet cousins (and my sister) There's nothing quite like that. This was post-Ukraine, pre-John (and Jack.) It's incredible to remember.
This weekend I spent time with a few of my cousins. A couple of them were in vacationing in Phoenix and had Jack and I met the trip down there to see them.

At the end of the evening last night my cousin Abbie (my co-LOST pose cousin) and I were talking (way past both of our normal bedtimes) and there was a pause in the conversation. We kind of sighed and I'm pretty sure both of us were wishing for carefree summer nights that consisted of nothing more than a dip in the pool, eating left over pie and talking late into the night. Though our present lives are incredible blessings, sometimes it's just fun to remember and wish for those days...and that our kids will be blessed to enjoy such days as well.

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Roxanne said...

Another great post, Melanie. What fun. I'm certainly blessed to count you and several of your cousins among my dearest friends. God is so good!

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