12 August 2010

Sleepy boy and content mama.

Jack getting tired and John happy as ever. If it were up to him, I think John would spend every day outdoors.

A family of three. Such an adventure.

The North Orchard they call it. Greg and I used to create endless stories in this field and around it. It's truly from Heaven.

My cousin Greg and Erin's baby boy Noah. So, so precious. I missed that baby stage for a few minutes when I saw him. Not quite enough to be ready for another, though.

The proud, loving (and slightly sleep deprived) parents. Greg and I grew up together and were always really close (along with other partners-in-crime-cousins) It was so magical to be with him after years of talking and hoping our kids could grow up near each other. We hope they can create as many adventures as we did.

Noah weighs almost as much as Jack but is six months younger!

Little did I know that this great Moby wrap would give me a two day headache from too much pressure on my shoulders. Jack seemed to enjoy it though. And I must admit I love wearing him that close.

Noah getting some Jack-love. Jack loves giving kisses.

Father and son. Can those blue eyes seriously get any bluer?

Jack and I went to Sedona with my parents for a couple of days. It was beautiful and full of afternoon monsoons.

G-ma and Jackboy in the water.

G-pa and G-ma with Jack. Note him clinging to his stroller. I'm not sure why he does this.

Summer is nearing to a close. Most of the time I dread August. It's typically hot and just seems to be a really long month. However, this year I really am going to miss the summer. Having a crawling boy is MUCH easier than being 6 months pregnant and weighing waaay to much to be comfortable. I wouldn't mind if summer lasted a few more months this year. Only to allow a few extra months for autumn as well.

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