30 August 2010

This weekend we had a Missions Festival at church and it was remarkable.
A few of the missionaries our church supports came from all over and we were able to hear about what they are doing and celebrate God's work around the world. It truly was both an encouraging and challenging event.

I could go on for hours about the heart for missions and the serious sacrifice and calling that it is. It's so amazing to watch people-families, singles and older generations-leave all that they have and own for Christ and His call on their lives.

We were also so lucky to have Kate's parents stay with us for a few days. It was surreal to have them in our home (without Kate. She was so missed) but it was really great to hear their stories and adventures from all over the world. (ps. here is one of their awesome websites)

I'm posting an incredible sermon our Pastor (who also happens to be my man) gave, along with a few of the missionaries, on Sunday. God's Spirit spoke through those people sharing their lives and all the glory goes to Him. Give a listen for yourself...

These pictures only touch on a moment where some were all together and were able to share what God has laid on their hearts and the work that they do. It was such an honor and privilege to be able to meet with them and come alongside them as the Body.

In other news, this is how Jack spent a rainy afternoon. Getting tangled in a blanket (and getting frustrated when the blanket nearly swallowed him.) Such simple joys.

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