02 October 2010

a sorta fairytale : snoozing

Little one, you sleep so tenderly. Though sometimes, you toss and turn as if you are still playing in your sleep. Your papa loves to sleep next to you and feel your little cheek nestled against his neck. I love watching you sleep and how you suck your bottom lip.

I love the way you hum softly while you are dozing off. I love how sometimes you look up at me with those blueberry shaped eyes, smile and then fall asleep. Your tiny hand resting against my shoulder causes me to kiss those tiny fingers as I whisper "please don't grow up too fast."

Your life is a miracle. Your little person is a treasure. When the doctor placed you on my chest I found myself saying out loud "You are going to do mighty things for God's kingdom, little one." and I trust you will.

I love you, goose.

I carry your heart (I carry it in my heart)

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