01 October 2010

You Capture: Togetherness

The Birthday girl

Last night we had a party. Growing up, my family wasn’t know for their huge and extravagant parties. They still aren’t. We typically had a nice dinner (courtesy of mama) and opened a few presents.  
Biggest treat? The birthday boy or girl got to be the topic of conversation and/or monopolize the conversation. That was kind of a big deal in our house. 

Love my brother Justin's facial expression. So our sibling relationship.
little, sweet Aaron
Here we are, years later doing the same thing. Except it was my sister’s 18th birthday and after the party with her friends last week this was our family meal. Joining us was my brother and his wife’s newest addition Aaron (just a week old!) It was delightful. Complete with spilt wine, chocolate cookie cake, tired kiddo, chicken on sour dough bread and coffee.

It’s been so incredible to watch my sister grow. I just love seeing her becoming this adult. She thought it was pretty nifty that she got to drink a half glass of wine. That was until I spilt it (on accident!) down the table. I told her that was from Jesus. We laughed.

Jack loves, LOVES people and social gatherings (I wonder where he got that from?) It’s been so great (and such a relief) to see him love being with family and be apart of the excitement. It’s also incredible to see how siblings change. People said that once you have children or all reach adulthood the age difference seems to dwindle away, but I didn’t believe them. It’s been great to see the relationships deepen and grow and the things that separated us seem to disappear.

That's my Pop...he's smiling cheesy-like because his two front teeth died a long, long time ago while playing football and he's never gotten them removed. The time has come. They are as wiggly as my 8 year old nephew's and they are going to put in new fake ones. He was hoping to die with those old teeth in him. Sorry, pop.

This was the moment that Jack cried when Maggie blew out the candles (he was so confused) and mom nearly fell into the table while she was laughing. Never a dull moment.

Jack admiring baby Aaron. Maybe he's ready for a little baby brother or sister?

Whatever the case we LOVED the togetherness.

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Ashley Sisk said...

What a great series of shots - I feel so much joy from these moments.

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