06 April 2011

makes you want to puke

I went to see a nutritionist today.

It was one of the most depressing visits of my life. Really good, but kind of depressing.

Come to find out, I am slowly dying. Who isn't, I ask? Who isn't??

YES the tablets are THAT BIG! They're huge!

Honestly, it was all really interesting and very helpful. I found out my liver isn't functioning like it should be and as a result it's keeping my gull bladder from functioning properly. From the shot I had in February, she thinks my pituitary gland isn't functioning well. I need lots and lots of iodine. My thyroid isn't doing what it should be doing. I need these things called Stress and Adrenal Support (which I am actually VERY optimistic about.) they taste di-sg-USTING. BUT, I've heard incredible things about them and I think they will keep me chilled out and help say goodbye to all the drama moods around here. I think my husband will be happy. Via amazon it says, "In general, if you feel happy and well, have steady energy, steady disposition, sleep soundly seven to nine hours a night, wake up feeling rested, recover well from stress, and maintain a healthy weight without dieting, then your adrenals are probably working well." so, i guess I need these. and I need more magnesium and should avoid sugars, soy, dairy, carbonic acid, pork and wheat. What else is there? Dark leafy greens, says she. Yummmm.

VERY interesting factoid the nutritionist shared with me was this: It doesn't matter if we're running from a bear or just stressed from everyday life, our body reacts the same way to stress.

I am thankful for the visit, the vitamins, the reminder that we're all that much closer to meeting Jesus and that vitamins can really help aid the adventure of the scary things in life.

These last couple of weeks have been rough for me. I'm not sure why. They just have. A cold front is coming in this weekend and I'm excited that it might snow.
This week I (attempted) to plant a garden. With the help of dear friends. We'll see how it turns out. Currently, my veggies are cooking inside until mothers day. Hoping for lots of tomatoes, bell peppers, zucchini, spinach, kale and so much more...(there's some leafy greens for ya.)

Poor Jack boy has another cold and another fever. Poor little goose. He also bit a kiddo this week. Not so cool. Those frantic-what-is-going-on mom moments just keep creeping up on me.


Nessa said...

can't wait to hear how these help... I read about them and they sound like a mirale worker.

melissa said...

I hope these help for you! You seem positive about everything though which is good! Stay strong! x

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