21 April 2011

a reason to party

This weather is rocking my world. I'll just say that.

I couldn't resist this picture even though it's not really related to the awesome weather. But he kind of looks like a posing model. Kind of funny.

I've never been a huge outdoorsy-type person, but since having a one year old I love an excuse to go and explore the outdoors. Plus, this kiddo loves to be outside. Like his daddy. Not like me. But I'm learning and it's been fun. 

We went on a beautiful, long, great conversation-filled, breezy and eventful walk this morning. Three mama's and I exchanged labor stories (again. It never gets old.) shared funny/awkward stories and tried to walk single file with our strollers on busy roads. It was fantastic. We then dined outside while the boys played on the tractors and in the dirt. We enjoyed delicious hot dogs, potato chips and oranges. What could make a meal any better? Root beer. And yes, I had a little of that too.

and I didn't bring my camera. What?
I did, however, snap these pictures right before John got home. We celebrate when daddy gets home from work. That's always a reason to have a party.

..and Jack's cackle-laugh was killing me when I jumped up. It's the simple things.


xo katrina said...

adorable pics. baby-cackling is certainly the best! :) and i'm also glad the raining is starting to go away here in northern california.

mattie said...

love love love this. such great pics. i can't believe i didn't take any yesterday either...

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