22 April 2011

life with jack

Lately the days with Jack have felt more fun than ever. Don't get me wrong. I have loved every stage of life with him, but this one is my favorite. He can't quite talk, but understands more than I think he can, and he is so hilarious. I'm a little biased, but the deep chuckle he does when he gets excited kills me. I want to record it and play it over and over on those dark teenager days when I wonder, "who is this person and why is he in our house?" Kidding. Kind of.

He's found the lines on the carpet to make the roads for his cars and the deep roars of the dinosaurs that invade my lap when he brings them to me. He's discovered what to say when he pinches his finger or trips over a huge pile of trucks. "Ouch." and he holds the furrowed brow and puckered lips. My heart melts every, single time. He loves his cups too and has a good time putting them together and taking them apart. Over and over. He does not get this from me.

He's taken to dancing too (I tried not to push it, but have danced circles around him since he was 1 month old. Yeah, that first month I wasn't able to do much dancing.) When we turn on Thomas he does his giddy dance in which he stomps his feet and pounds his fists at the same time. He turns in circles until he falls over. Sometimes I can hear him in the backseat trying to sing along to whatever we're listening to. He hums, he babbles, he kicks his feet with love.

Oh, and he also throws fits. Big 'ol nasty temper tantrums that result in me walking away and he soon discovering a toy within arms reach. For now. It's tricky. Especially at Safeway right before lunch time and nap time when he sees the Thomas Pez dispenser and nearly loses it. 

He also has taken to the grab-n-bite with littler friends. He's got a lot of love, this one, as well as a bit of aggression. I try not to hover, but I try not to stand by and let it happen either. It's tough keeping up with this kiddo. But he tries to be gentle and we're all a work in progress. He loves being with his buddies. And oh my goodness, does his mama love to be with her friends too.

At 5am this morning Jack awoke. It was too early. Especially with my tired boy who went to bed later than normal the night before. I tried putting him back to sleep, but had zero luck. John tried too. I slept for about 10 more minutes until they both burst into the room at 6:00am, ready to greet the day. Jack was ready for fun and that's often how he starts the day. It's as if he's saying, "hey mama. What do ya got for me today?" I rolled over and pretended not to hear him. He came to my side of the bed, wanting to be picked up. 

I felt like tweeting, "My son woke up at 5am. Trying not to run away. #gracebasedparenting. Speaking of Grace Based Parenting, we started our class last night and it was incredible. Have you checked out his book? 

So, we made eggs and toast (oatmeal for Jack) watched an episode of Thomas, got ready for the day and had 2 cups of coffee all before 8am! Welcome to parenthood. 


Queen Scarlett said...

He's adorable. Love the pictures.

Nessa said...

This is awesome... so is this age. The babbling, boundary testing, open mouth kiss giving. Just great!

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