07 April 2011

rain or shine

There's still no rain on our little frontier.

When will the rain come? I'm not sayin' I mind. I love watching the clouds swim over head, full of thick heavy pillows. I love the breeze, and the varying sun light.

More than that, I love cuddling with Jackboy. He's real sick today. Like, sicker than I've ever seen him. He just laid in my arms for the whole morning, his eyes closed (except when Thomas was on) and just inhaled. and exhaled. and snuggled with me and his binky. It was so precious. It's moments like those that my inner mother bird perches itself boldly on watch and rocks her baby in the early morn while he fights off a fever. A mama bird that can't fall back asleep because she's trying to figure out what's wrong and how she can help. It's rocking with the blinds pulled, gently moving back and forth, back and forth, watching his eyelids open to make sure I'm still there and then close to doze off again. But don't set him down until he's fully asleep because he's not ready to be alone just yet.

Sweet moments. 

I took Jack to the doctor because 1. It's almost the weekend and 2. All morning is fever was 102.5 and I was a little nerv. Better safe than sorry. My doctor is the best in all the land. She is so good with Jack and makes me feel like a champ rather than a worry wart for bringing in a baby with a fever. Because, hello, what can she do? He did, however, have a bad ear infection. She asked if I wanted a prescription so I gently stumbled on the question, "Can we try anything else?"

To my surprise, she recommended many other things. She recommended I try a garlic ear drop from the health food store (which I got), a chiropractor (I'm going to take him to see the bowen work lady instead) and if those don't work than fulfill the prescription. 

It's so great to have a doctor who doesn't want to stuff your kid with stuff you don't want (or aren't sure if you want or not.) and rather explores with you other options that will be healthier for him in the long run.

Thank you, Lord, for that. 

and, oh yeah, the stress and adrenal support is for real working. still tasting nasty? yes. but starting to feel the effects after chewing seven of them over the last 24 hours? Yes.

the song of the day is this:


Elena said...

Hope your little one feels better soon. That's an awfully precious photo of the two of you. :)

Btw, I'm in love with that song, too.

The Kinkel Family said...

Beautiful on so many levels.
Beautiful boy, beautiful day, beautiful mommy.
Oh, and Ray? Yeah, he's beautiful too. Absolutely love that song.

mattie said...

Sipes is the best! I want to know about the garlic drops, and I hope bowenwork does the trick.. can't wait for a playdate on tues!

Nessa said...

Here is to mother birds and doctors who listen. I have that stress and adrenal support stuff on my wish list!

Super Lily said...

I love your writing; great post. I really hope he feels better soon.

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