09 April 2011

finer things

Well, the rain arrived. For a day. And this morning it turned into THIS:

And tomorrow it's supposed to be sunny and 50 degrees.
Really delightful, lovely and all the above. It melted quickly (in fact, the roads were never covered) but gave me enough of an excuse to drive the Land cruiser, send John out on an early morning donut run and keep Jack in his pajamas all day. These days are numbered, my friends, and I want to enjoy them. Jack got restless around 4:30, however, and we made a Goodwill 50% off day run. No good finds.

..Last night John and I hung out with good friends. We enjoyed a relaxed ambiance with soft lighting and Adele playing on the stereo. We shared wine and dreams that made our hearts tick. Things that inspire, encourage and spur us on.

Let me say this. I consider myself a dreamer over all, but I'm not a goal oriented visionary type person. I think there's a difference. I married a goal-man and love that side of him immensely, but if my only goal for the week is to do a load of laundry, have a few play/mommy-dates, good fellowship, time with Jesus, a deep chat with my man, a good selection of tv shows/movies and a story time or two with my kiddo, my week is a good one. (Reading that over, I guess I do kind of have "goals" for the week. Kind of.) Some people need vision and goals and plans for the week. For the day. I'm inspired by that, but don't fully understand it.

It was wonderful to be a bird perched on the ledge of a visionary's mind as they shared their dreams and goals for the years ahead. It was like sitting in on a conversation for a planning committee.(like a Finer Things meeting with Pam, Oscar and Toby.)

I kind of realized through the evenings festivities that I've let some of my dreams fall by the wayside. Which is good and bad. Some can be mended, revisited and revised while others are better off staying gone. I'm not sure what they are yet or when they will resurface, but I do know I'm open to it when they do.

Jesus has those dreams. and I know He's got plans for them, but in all my life experience, His dreams for our life are always better, fuller and rockier than anything I could have ever imagined on my own.


On another note, my new vitamin regiment has been going well. I don't really feel different, but then again, I didn't really feel bad to begin with. I'm beginning to see more and more the crucial importance of what we put into our bodies and the affects it has on us. I know this isn't our home and our bodies aren't here forever (thank you, Lord!) But while we are here and living this life, I do think we should take care of it to the best of our abilities.

I'm optimistic about this Stress and Adrenal Support. The nasty taste has left and I've got a rhythm down on how to eat them. They aren't too bad. In fact, I already see a difference and that's all kind of weird/amazing. The rest of the vitamins are good, kind of a lot to guzzle down in the morning, but great.

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