10 April 2011

sunday snapshot

Today Jack and I are staying in. His cough is still pretty horrible sounding and he's currently taking a morning nap (hasn't happened for months.) He's a sick little booger and I'm secretly loving the extra hugs and cuddles. I don't like missing John's preaching, but I don't want to infect any of the other kiddos in the nursery. This are some tough calls, I'll be honest. We both decided (around 6:30am when Jack awoke) that it might be better if Jack just stayed home today. I trust Jesus will use John without me there :) but I do like to be able to process things with him when he gets home.

Earlier this week the weather was so lovely and we got Jack a wagon for our travels around the neighborhood. I miss my little ball of adventure and energy when he's not feeling well. 

 The sun is currently melting all the snow away and spring has so quickly returned. My little garden is holding out and the seeds are starting to grow.

Does anyone know of any one out there know of good video editing programs? The best ones (I know) are for macs, but I have a pc and need something user friendly, but with great fonts and effects. Do they exist?

Sunday Snapshot


Rebecca said...

One would think that with all the sleeping and resting and quite time the house has when the littlest ones are sick......moms could get in a nap and catch up on some rest, but instead moms worry so much they lose sleep......I pray that your guy is feeling better really soon.

Nessa said...

What a nice wagon! Does it have straps... I think I would need straps. Hooray for snuggles... even when they are illness induced.

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