19 April 2011

don't have that kind of time

Last night on the way to Bible study I cranked up NPR. NPR, for young moms is an easy sleep-inducer for the children and an outlet to listen to on their way to the grocery, a playdate or just driving aimlessly around town because they are gonna go crazy if they don't get out of the house. You know what I'm sayen?

But last night I pulled out of the driveway flying solo. My Monday nights. I love being a mama and treasure each day, but there is something blissful about turning left onto that road and rolling down the windows and turning up some sound. Some days it's country, other days oldies, but last night it was NPR. It's a short drive, but enough time to grab a nugget of inspiration.

Anne Lamott was on for the ten minutes it takes me to get to Bible study. She shared how she celebrates Easter and what it means to her. She spoke about how Easter is a time for introspection.

She also shared a story about the last couple of weeks of her best friend's life. They were out shopping for a new dress and Anne asked her friend if the dress was too short or too tight to which her friend responded, "Anne, you don't have that kind of time." Which stuck with me. I chewed on that the rest of my drive and throughout the evening. We don't have that kind of time to be afraid of the unknown or the scary things. Or the times in life that we wish we were a kid again so we didn't have to make hard decisions and step out in faith. And ya know, I'm thankful for that. 'cause we don't have that kind of time and it's worth it to step out, even if we don't know where we will land. we trust. and we pray.


Melissa said...

Nice post. I enjoyed it :)

Nessa said...

This is awesome.... I felt like I was in the are with you, windows down. Your words make me feel like I am right there.

I used to listen to NPR on my commute... 2-3 hours a day. Man I miss that - not the drive - but the stories.

I think Pandora is going to be closed while I catch up on so NPR podcasts.

mattie said...

Love this. I love Anne Lamott's writings... I might have to go listen to this broadcast on NPR's site.

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