03 April 2013

zoey evelyn

This girl.

started eating oatmeal recently. such a mess, but both of my kids love it. 

she loves perching herself on these pillows. she can sit there for like 20 minutes. she has to have like 5 blankets, her baby and her bear, but she'll stay there, eat snacks there, laugh there; her own little perch.
and of course sporting her bob dylan tee.

She has captivated me with her little grin and her tiny hands that bounce up and down when she wants to be picked up.

The way she doesn't put up with her big brother's toy take-away.

The early stages of walking, holding a finger, so excited that she's balancing.

Watching them become buddies, pals and kindred spirits.

i can't wait to see how they grow together.

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