10 April 2013

catching up.

i mean.

i just don't even have words to express the cuteness of this little face.

she loves the flash.
that's my girl. any chance to get in on a lil photo shoot.

this shots are old, but i wanted to document the trip that john's parent's made up here in february. so much fun. minus the stomach bug that infected our home the week before, but like always, it was wonderful to see his parent's.


the rest of these are just a little bit of fun from the rest of spring. 

i love this picture so much. he loves his cars and he gets so excited to talk about them.

sleepy girl with her daddy.

an early spring snow. i had just gotten spring oreos and we had a big snowstorm. kind of funny.

and st. patty's day was in there too.

that hair...

some cuddle reading time...so precious.

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