17 April 2013

chasing waves

After we survived our adventure and after a long nap headed out to the pier for dinner and on the way 
home couldn't pass up a quick walk on the beach. 

Magical, I tell you. I didn't grow up near the ocean, but man, I can already feel this tug on my heart to put my feet in the sand and watch those beautiful waves crash over and over. 

Jack and I chased the waves and waited for them to catch us. He was so giddy and excited and kept referring to the waves as a big mouth (much like Pinocchio) and telling me that they were angry and were chasing each other. So cute.

poor birdie just wanted to be put down. But it was kind of chilly and so she stayed nearby.

This was the moment when waves literally attacked my ankles. I was a little surprised, haha.

til next time beautiful sea, don't forget us.

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