19 April 2013


Our Mom's group recently started reading this book together. It is so good, so real and vulnerable. We've been having this mom's group for almost a year and we went deep during those often-interrupted 45 minutes and it was good.

On another note, the other night during our homegroup Jack decided to sit next to John and mimic everything he was saying--as he was saying it. It was hilarious. It took a lot of convincing to distract Jack and he wasn't really being cheeky. He was genuinely trying to be like daddy, haha. It was kind of like this skit.

Here is Zoey trying to hold two babies at once. 

Birdie ate asparagus and loved it. She loves her food. I can see where she gets that from.

Who is this big boy in Christmas pajamas? He has grown up much too fast.

Again, Zoey with the asparagus. Haha.

They really recently started enjoying baths together and although the older one still likes to take up most of the bath tub with his cars and trucks, little sister has begun to enjoy playing with the toys and splashing in the water too.

I've kind of got a rhythm down where I wash both of their hair and bodies as quick as possible and let them play for a bit. It really is just as easy to wash two as it is to wash one.

This girl is really starting to develop her personality. It's already so clear that she likes to have fun. She has a deep belly laugh and is incredible ticklish. Her first "word" if you will is "tickle-tickle-tickle" as she tickles her little tummy and asks you to. I love this about her. She also loves to hug baby dolls and real babies and is always saying "Yeha" when she sees a baby.

Her heart is so full of joy and carefree happiness. I can not wait to see the kind of woman she develops and grows into. What a journey! This tiny little person who will one day and grow and be her own woman. I can hardly believe it.

I can also hardly believe that Zoeybird is almost done nursing. It's kind of sad, but it's kind of time. I love those moments and if I let myself think about it too long I start to feel sad and regret having John always put her down. I am not holding my breath though because she was up quite a bit last night. But without nursing during the day there's a whole lot of nothing there for her to eat, so I think she's a little bummed too.

It's good, it's healthy, it's time. We're going to San Francisco in a couple of weeks (just the two of us) and hope to have her fully weaned by then. Sort of bittersweet, but worth it.

Those moments were so sweet and precious. Nursing isn't my favorite part of mothering, but the release of those happy hormones sure is awesome. I do miss that. I will always miss that. (is that selfish?)

little Zoey after being nursed to sleep. Those moments were so sweet.


Julie said...

So glad to read someone else doesn't looooove nursing. It's 3:30 as I type this. I'm still very sore 14 weeks into this gig & waking twice at night.

Elena said...

Mel, I teared up reading this post. Thank you for being so vulnerable on your blog, your heart is so lovely. I've started the process of weaning Ellie now too as she is going to be a year old next week, and while I'm ready to be done, I know I will very much miss those tender moments. I'm also glad to hear you are enjoying "Desperate," it's on my wish list and am so wanting to read it!

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