21 April 2013

a bit more

I forgot to put a few pictures from our trip on here. Always a little treat to find un-seen pictures of the kiddos.

The house we rented has a cute little courtyard just the right size for the kiddos. Jack loved it.

Zoey especially loved this part.

And while we were there (and had cable!) we were able to see John on TV! He was on ABC Family's 700 Club talking about his book, The Great Evangelical Recession.

I was so proud. And loved seeing his face on that TV. He was wincing with the way skype made him look, but I thought he looked quite dapper. He is such a sweet, loving man and one whose heart really just wants what Jesus wants. Sometimes it's easy to get caught up in the way we are different and the way we just don't quite see eye to eye, rather than admire the way he is wired and his person. Because it's quite an interesting, lovable and so-smart soul in there. Oh, and handsome. Ok, I'm done.

Jack was so excited and could hardly believe his daddy was in the TV.

Today, Spring has truly graced us with it's presence in Prescott. It's a nice 72 degrees and the allergies are almost gone. Thank you, Jesus.

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