04 November 2012

punkin' carving and trick or treatin'

this was the first year Jack could really participate in the carving of the pumpkin and man, i got way more into it than i thought i would. er, i mean, he got way more into it than i thought he would. ;)

i have fond memories of carving pumpkins on our kitchen floor with my brothers; eating mini marshmallows and chocolate chips. i was so excited to share that with my boy. and he loved it. 

john helped carve mater into the side of the pumpkin and i helped with the crooked smile. we made molasses chews and watched a football game. we even lit our fall candle. it was chilly and it was perfect.

the next morning, jack still wanted to sing happy birthday to the jack o lantern.

We made a quick trip down to the valley to a small family reunion. it was nice to be in the valley again and nice to only be there for an afternoon, just in time to watch the 90 degree sun set.

Grandma, looking older yet full of so many smiles and love for babies.

My parents brought a pinata for Jack's birthday and it was. a. hit. the kids loved it.

We also went to a little Harvest carnival down town this last weekend. These pictures were too cute.

and here's our boy as thomas the train. precious!

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