14 November 2012

california number two

Growing up in Ohio we didn't get to the beach very often and if we did, it wasn't the California coast. I tell ya what, since marrying John (who loves the ocean) I have discovered a deep appreciation for the sound of the waves and the muggy, foggy air that is felt when you're near the water. I'm so glad John loves it so, it's rubbed off on me. I love the feeling of sand beneath my feet and gazing out at the open water. I told Jack that way out there orca whales were in the water. When he asked to go to the ocean he added in, "I want to see ORCA WHALES!!!!" too bad we didn't see in. Also too bad we didn't go to sea world. Maybe next trip? 

This was definitely taken with an iPhone camera, but didn't even need any sort of edit. Magic, I tell you.

When we drove into California it was about 6pm and the kids were hungry, tired and I was anxious to unpack (I don't like that unsettled, unpacked feeling. Especially before bed. My true old woman nature has come out since I've had kids.) Anyway, we skipped going to the beach and it broke our little boy's heart (or until we got him some dinner.) We took it in the next morning and the waves were big and strong. It made Jack a little cautious (something I really love about his little personality. You wouldn't expect that from him, but he clung to our hands the entire time.) He didn't want to wake in it or touch it. When it rolled towards us he pulled our hands the other way. 

Zoey, on the other hand, would have army crawled right into it if I had let her down. She was squawking (definitely a happy squawk) the entire time. Once I put her little feet into the sand, she was in heaven. 

Later that night we went to a pier to eat seafood and gaze at the misty air. There was such a cool haze that night, it was beautiful.

Jack ended up crashing on the floor in our room. He's growing up so much, but he still loves his binky and blanket. So cute. He looks so big here.

We went to Disneyland on the hottest day of November and of our vacation. Two things we didn't plan for during this trip: 1. That we would hit daylight savings. We don't have daylight savings in AZ and it through us off. We kept our schedule in Arizona time, but all the stores in California forgot our memo.

We spent a good portion of our Disneyland day in this cute little children's center. It was cool, quiet and had dark, curtained areas to nurse. It was truly Disney at the very heart.

They had little toddler potties, which Jack loved. They also had vintage Bambi wallpaper everywhere. Such a great touch. I didn't snap a picture because, well, I didn't get a chance to take many pictures that day. I guess that happens when there's two kiddos.

Jack and John in line for Dumbo. Jack didn't dig the lines. Who does?

There they are, flyin' high. Jack didn't really respond to the bigger rides, but when we got on the train that goes around the park...oh, man. That's when he came alive.

And when we visited Mickey's house (and Mickey!) He wanted to search for Daisy (he loves her most of all) but we couldn't find her.

And Zoeybird loved it all. She seriously is such a champ. SHe hardly napped, but never fussed. She loves being out, taking it in, and not missing a beat. She only went on Winnie the Pooh, but I think she dug it.

They both finally crashed towards the end of the night. Jack went without a nap, which is a rare occasion for our boy. When we had to get on the bus John pulled him out of the stroller and he literally fell backwards. ...it was cute. and kinda funny.

Our last day there was beautiful. We walked on the pier with coffee, played around the house and took long naps. It was overcast too, that's our personal fav.

And our drive homeward. Sweet kiddos. 

Probably the most difficult part of the trip was one afternoon where I went on a walk while the kiddos slept. I wasn't going far and I had my trusty google map with me to guide me. I was just minding my business, walking down the street when an old, old man walked towards me with a guiding stick. I tried not to startle him as I walked past. All of the sudden he tripped and fall hard onto the sidewalk in front of me. I was so startled (and scared that it was a set up or something and someone might jump out of the house nearby or something. Crazy, I know. But I live in a small city now, ya'll.)

I helped him up and asked him he was okay. I was pretty much shaking and could feel my knees going weak as I was afraid to look for blood or broken bone or something. He was very shook up and stood there for a minute, rocking back and forth. I thought he might pass out and if he did I wouldn't be strong enough to catch him. I hollered for a girl my age to come help me and she rushed over too. I seriously went into Tami Taylor mode and needed to. For those of you that don't watch Friday Night Lights, she has a very take charge personality and...I don't as much. Only when I need to. And for some reason, this time Tami was my inspiration. This young stranger and I guided the old man up the sidewalk and I kept asking where he lived so I could help him, but he after a while I realized he didn't want to tell me. Fair enough. 

He had a cut on his hand which looked really bad, but he said all it needed was a bandaid. He said he was 94 years old. (can I just say, what was he doing out walking and alone?) but instantly I was reminded of my grandpa and the feel of this man's wool sweater reminded me of the same kind my grandpa used to wear. I felt at ease realizing I was probably scaring him more than the incident itself. He couldn't see well (he mentioned he couldn't see the bumps in the sidewalk) and for all he knew I would be following him home and robbing him (or something?) I let him go and watched him walk up the road a bit more, but didn't see which house he went into. I sure hope he's alright and made it home safe. 

But here we are, back home safe and sound. I miss it already.

Here's a little Tami Taylor for ya.

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Les is more said...

I'm so glad you and John set out to our western shores with two cubs in tow. It looked worth it! Zoey's little face is getting me so excited for Cora to come along. Tell her she is such an encouragment :)

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