17 December 2012


I was on a roll there for a little bit.

Oh well. Sorry to my kids in the future that I am not consistent on this thing. Check out my instagram pictures though, I'm updating those daily. 

Christmas is one week away. One week! Each Christmas that I have been married to John has been a different experience. This one is no exception. On Sunday, an op-ed that he wrote for the New York Times was published . It was such a journey and so exciting to watch him live out his dream since High school. I am so impressed with his skill and gifting and can't wait to see how the Lord is going to continue using him as times goes on. I'm so thankful for his friendship and love and partnership. I will never know how he balances it all, but he does. And so well. 

Zoeybird a movin' and a scootin'. Everywhere. We got our first snow this last weekend and she loved looking at it through the window. She's such a fun little girl and full of so much life. She doesn't enjoy long, leisurely naps and just said farewell to her morning nap. (!!) That's hard for me. I love naptime. It's one of the highlights of my days. I'm sure she'll re-visit the 'ol morning snooze, but for now she goes down when Jack does and wakes up around the time he does. Which is totally fine with me. She recently found a babydoll in the nursery and fell in love. She talks to it and gets so giddy when she sees it. She loves seeing Jack and if I ever ask her "where's Jack?" she looks around and just starts giggling. She is still nursing, but loves food. Not necessarily baby food, but she loves food. I'm so thankful for her; her sweet nature and the little buddy that she is. I can't wait to watch her grow and develop and keep up with her big brother. I love seeing her and Jack together and they're really beginning to enjoy each other. They love to cuddle after naps and giggle up a storm in bed together. Jack especially loves to cuddle, but Zoey hasn't quite found a love for it just yet. 

Jackboy is talking up a storm. He loves to sing and is just beginning to pretend with his cars (a favorite pastime of mine. Pretending, not necessarily with cars. ;) He's active and adventurous and loves learning new songs and quoting his favorite movies. He loves to read books or "car-zines" with his daddy. Oh, and he loves his daddy. Today he cried for him for about 25 minutes before his nap. He cried at the window where John's car normally is and wailed about how he wanted his daddy and his daddy is his best friend. They are so cute together and Jack is such a mini-version of John. Next Sunday, Jack is singing in his first ever Christmas program at church. For all of three songs, but STILL. This is a big deal. An even bigger deal that he will stand there for those three songs (please, Lord!) He loves his friends, playdates, cars, Mickey Mouse, Mater the Tow Truck and Frosty the Snowman. He has so much love in his little heart and is constantly making us laugh. 


I can't believe how fast this year has gone, I can't believe that one year ago I was huge and pregnant and about to birth my second babe. I can't believe that in the last year I somehow (by God's grace and thank you Weight Watchers) lost a total of 56 pounds. I can't believe how fast Zoey has grown and how much joy she brings to my heart. I can't believe that John's book is about to be released and the changes that have happened at our home church. I am so thankful for change and growth and God's grace and patience. I'm thankful for the past and memories and childhood. I'm so excited for 2013 and for whatever Jesus has in store. I just hope I can keep up and savor those moments with the kiddos that are going so quickly. 

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