09 November 2012

california, here we come.

Jack learned how to say "California" this last week. Today he asked for us to go back. "to cal-ee-forn-ya, mom. We go back to our home in caleefornya." 

I love hearing him talk.

This morning he got into trouble for stepping on his sister (gently stepping, I should say.) When I told him he needed to go to his room he burst into tears and said, "Oh, man!" 

Sometimes I don't recognize this boy before me. He has grown up so fast and is much more capable than I realize. His strengths are beginning to shine and I love each one of them. I may sound like a proud mama, but I truly, deeply like this kid. I like cuddling with him on the couch after his nap, I like tickling him and hear him belly laugh and I love singing with him before he falls asleep. 

I also love having him fall in love with songs that I love too. Like this one. He asks for it by name.

Anyway, California...California. I never thought we would live within driving distance of this place and let me tell ya, it's not too shabby. The beach was heavenly and it was cool (our sweet spot) and the air was foggy and wet. My hair turned into frizz-mode and I could not be fixed.

And Jack? Well, this kid digs a good vacay. Who doesn't?

And Zoeybird did too. She spent most of her time outside, taking in every sight and resisting any sort of nap. When we would get home and she was left alone in a room, she would sleep and rest up for our next adventure.

Me with Jackboy in 2010. Different beaches, but same California coast beauty.

Our humble adobe for the weekend. Complete with a great fenced in courtyard for Jack to run wild in.

 The beach on a cool November day.

Jack loved the beach, but didn't want to tread too close to waves. Later that night we have a small noise maker that makes beach sounds. He recognized them right away and said, "Mom! That's the ocean!" He takes it all in. He was also pretty tired from the 45min nap the day before.

Zoey was eager to get out of the ergo and as soon as I put her feet in the sand, oh my. She was experiencing a feeling she'd never felt before. Some kids don't like textures, but this girl does. 

Their first bath together ('cause Zoey is a wild woman with those splashes.) At one point Jack looked at me a little concerned, "Mama, can you hold her?" 

Clean buddies.

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Spiro said...

what a great mel-ism! "oh man!"

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