04 November 2012


my favorite season has graced us with it's presence once again. funny how that happens. i love it more every year we live here.

the kids haven't quite got the memo that on cold, overcast morning you are supposed to snooze in bed and enjoy the warmth of the comforter.

so, not too long after we awoke we went to a pumpkin patch to celebrate october in all it's beauty.

and my man wore zoey the entire time. they are so cute together. melts my heart every time.

and jack had a blast. he pretty much has a fun time wherever we go.

especially where cars are involved.

prescott has so much beauty.

jack riding a train. he was in heaven.

the pumpkin patch was great fun this year. last year we went to one in michigan. also awesome, but prescott does it's best to keep up and is a close second.

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