13 November 2012

halloween 2012

Before I travel onward to the rest of the Cali trip, I have to back up to Halloween. Mostly to document so my kiddos know I didn't forget to capture their cuteness, but also because it was pretty fun.

Prescott is the dream place to trick or treat and how wonderful it is to go with good friends, get a couple pieces of candy and to admire the falling leaves and the Meet Me In St. Louis-esque scenerio. Oh, how I love that scene.

We've gone trick or treating in the same neighborhood, with the same little buddies the last two years. This is our third year. 

Here's Jackboy last year. He refused a costume so he went as a Lumber Jack. Original, I know. We thought it on the way there.

And this was his first Halloween. A 'lil punkin'. I die from the cuteness. Seriously, every time.

This year was a little different. John had to work and so I was flyin' solo. I typically don't love flying solo with both kids, especially somewhere with so many people around. But we made it and it was so worth it.

Jack and some of his buddies. So, so cute to see them all together.

They literally held hands the entire time. Too cute.

 And the next morning when Jack wasn't looking, Zoey went trick or treating too.

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