30 October 2012

3rd Year

yesterday was jack's 3rd birthday.

we celebrated last friday, but the day was yesterday.

a new birthday tradition that he immediately wanted taken down so he could play with the balloons. too cute.

his requested cars cake! 

jack and his little buddies who he's known since he was a baby. they are so cute together!

it was a chilly morning, but they insisted on being outside. so cute!

i love jack's face in this picture. 

singing happy birthday, his favorite part.

the spread.

even zoey was in on the birthday fun!

such a great group shot! and ellie! jack's little pal who is more like a sister/twin.

ellie's daddy and sister, carly with zoey. they're about two months apart. so cute!

post birthday fun. checking out our "punkin's"

it was strange to think that three years ago last night we welcomed (a little painfully) a beautiful, healthy baby boy into our lives. also, in history, the east coast was hit hard by hurricane Sandy last night. such a real and scary devastation. 

several times yesterday i paused to tell jack about when he was born. i told him how excited i was and how happy to meet him. i told him my tummy was so big and when i met him i cried. he cradled his three year old self in my arms and said, "pretend i'm your baby, mama." and so i did. i tickled and kissed and rocked this growing boy. kind of surprisingly (but not really because he has a baby sister now) he turned and said, "can i nurse, mama?" i smiled, but said. "that's okay. just pretend." and he giggled some more.

i know one day soon he'll be too big to fit into my arms (this boy is growin!) and i love having little moments like those.

like when he wants you to cuddle longer before he goes to sleep. today before nap he took my arm and said, "lay with me, mommy." oh, alright. i am a puddle.

he loves to sing songs and have his back tickled. his new favorite is "only a boy named david" though runner ups are "car song (life is a highway)", "Jesus loves me" and "Jesus loves the little children. with his daddy he sings "be thou my vision" and knows almost the entire song.

things are changing quickly. it was as if when he turned three his legs got longer, his arms longer and more than ever i felt like my baby boy had turned into a little boy over night. 

to keep with tradition, i thought i'd write a short note for him to read when he's old and grown. here are a few from his other two birthdays, year 2 and year 1


dear goose,

another year past and here we are. you are three! you're such a big boy. you are really great at going to the potty and even wake up at night to go! i am so proud of you. i know i say if often, so often that you say it with me when i say it, but i mean it. i am so proud of you and all your hard work.

you'll figure out number two. it's a little more challenging, but i know you can do it.

you and your sister have such a sweet friendship. already you make her smile like no one else can and she loves seeing you as soon as she wakes up. i can't wait to see the adventures you will go on together.

i love hearing you chatter. i love your questions and the way you tell me all about your day and plans about what you want to play. you have such a sweet spirit and love to go and do. 

i already see so much of a team-work spirit in you. i'd love to see you on a football team or a soccer team. you love playing with your buddies, but you aren't afraid to stand your ground and say when you don't want to do something. i admire that quality about you and can't wait to see how God uses it.

this week you started tree house children's church. i'm not sure if you loved it, but you went. so glad you did.

your daddy loves you so much and you guys have such a great time together going for walks and exploring the neighborhood. setting up trains and reading "car-zines" as you call them.

i love you, my buddy. i love hearing you say "you're my boy" when i say it to you. i love the way you ask me every day "what's your name?" and want me to go through each person's name that we know. i love the way you've begun to pretend with your cars. when you race around the family room making car noises. oh, bud. i love how much you love cars. 

i can't wait to see you grow for another year and all the ways you'll change and develop. you already love to sing the abc's and tell me all the colors. oh, goose, i just love you.

remember to sing to Jesus and thank Him for the little things in life that you love.

i love you and i'm so glad i had you.

all my love,


p.s. i especially love how you say pinata as "pinchacha."

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r.martin said...

Oh Dear! Another year past already!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY little peanut!! Mel I love you pal and it blesses me so much to see the love you have for your precious kiddo's....your such a great mom!!! Give Jack a big hug from Richard and I and tell him that I can NOT WAIT to come and play with him!!!!!

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