02 October 2012

sibling love

Today after Jack got up from eating lunch he said to me,

"Mom, I need to give Zoey hugs."

Oh my goodness.
These two.
I'd be lying if I didn't say I had huge hopes and dreams of them being little best buds. Siblings can be magical. They can also drive you crazy. But there's something about sharing the magic of childhood. The spontaneous sleepovers and shared traditions of Christmas morning and Friday night pizza. There's something so exciting about seeing them grow and learn each other.

I seriously have about 100+ pictures I want to post on here.

Will post more.
Probably shorter, but Zoey's only #2, she can't get blog-time jipped!


Nessa Bixler said...

They are so sweet together! My goodness.

Les is more said...

Even though jack and ender are boys, i think of the endearing March family. If I had all boys I feared A River Runs Through It or Legends of the Fall... ha!

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